30 µm pixel pitch
320 x 256 FPA
7.7 - 11.7 µm spectral range
MCT Technology


  • More resilient to solar glint
  • More sensitive through dust and smoke
  • Reduces blooming
  • High charge capacity and 2 gains for the best sensitivity
Detector spectral response 7.7 - 11.7 µm @70K
ROIC architecture Snapshot, Integrate then read
Frame rate Up to 320 Hz
NETD < 25 mk ( 11 µm, Low gain, 300 K, 50 % well fill, 200 Hz )


MARS VLW offers unique LWIR detection beyond 11 μm.

This high-performance IDCA takes full advantage of Sofradir’s state of the art technologies.


Datasheet Mars VLW
Brochure Gas Detection

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