0.9 – 1.7 µm spectral range
640 x 512 FPA
15 µm pitch
InGaAs technology


  • Outstanding performance and image quality (VGA)
  • Fast frame rate  (100Hz in full resolution)
  • Low noise (30e-)
  • On board data processing (2 point NUC, BPR, TEC management)
  • Easy integration



SNAKE OEM plug and play module is based on Sofradir’s newest generation VGA format InGaAs sensor. 

Operating in the SWIR spectral range, the infrared camera core  provides outstanding performance in terms of sensitivity, noise, dark current and operability. The camera module offers OEM integrators simplified interfaces for easy and fast integration in your SWIR system by managing all features of the sensor and providing data processing capabilities. 

Designed for a variety of applications such as hyperspectral instrumentation, laser beam profiling, semiconductor inspection, biomedical research and military operations.



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